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Part of the broader task of Christian scholarship is to help create and sustain a cultural milieu in which the gospel can be heard as an intellectually viable option for thinking men and women. Therefore, the church has a vital stake in raising up Christian scholars who will help to create a place at the university for Christian ideas. The average Christian does not realize that there is an intellectual war going on in the universities and in the professional journals and scholarly societies. Christianity is being attacked as irrational or obsolete; and millions of students, our future generation of leaders, have absorbed that viewpoint.

This is a war we cannot afford to lose.

Happy Free Friday everyone! Today’s free book, usually $19.95 is Passionate Conviction by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig.

Is your heart on fire for God?

Passionate Conviction brings together the most popular and heart-stirring presentations in defense of Christianity from the annual fall conference on apologetics held in association with the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the C. S. Lewis Institute, and the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University.

Applicable to pastors, serious-minded lay people, and university and high school students, these twenty essays are grouped into six dynamic categories: (1) Why Apologetics? (2) God (3) Jesus (4) Comparative Religions (5) Postmodernism and Relativism (6) Practical Application. Among the greatly respected contributors are J. P. Moreland (“Has the American Church Lost Her Mind?), N. T. Wright (“The Resurrection of Jesus as an Event of History”), Francis J. Beckwith (“Is Morality Relative?”), Sean McDowell (“Apologetics for a New Generation”), and Gary Habermas (“Dealing with Doubt”).

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  1. Thank you. This is much appreciated!

  2. Charles Spencer says:

    Thank you for the free book. I agree our belief in God and basic morality is under attack today by many who consider God’s word nothing but a myth. Without a doubt these are reasons for all Christians to step up and stand against them with the truth. God is looking for people with a passion for souls and a desire to work for God.

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