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Staff Pick

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Wondering what to read next? With the thousands of books on the Wordsearch site, it can be tough to decide on what book to add to your library. But we’re here to help! Today’s Staff Pick highlights one of our employee’s favorite book sets.

The Sermon Notebook is my second favorite product we have at Wordsearch, after the Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible (also on sale now for our lowest price ever!). It’s sermon outlines, but it’s way more than just sermon outlines.

In golf there is a club called a hybrid, a term that comes from genetics to denote a mixture of two different species with desirable characteristics of both, and here the term has been generalized, combining the familiar swing mechanics of an iron with the more forgiving nature and better distance of a wood.

The Sermon Notebook is just that, it’s just under 1,150 sermon outlines, but you can also use it as a commentary and as an illustration book. Each sermon is very detailed with the subtopics alliterated, and covers the whole Bible.

We have customers that don’t like sermon outlines that will only purchase this product for the illustrations because they are so good.  I enjoy the topics and subtopics with all of the supporting Scriptures and application in each outline.

The Sermon Notebook is on sale for half price until August 2. 

Ray Jackson is a pizza and sports lover who is also a Wordsearch sale account rep.


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