Read More – And What of Joseph’s Faith?

“But like his father Jacob, Joseph believed the word of promise—that God was building a great people who would one day return to the land of promise.”

In Genesis 48, Jacob blesses his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh. It might seem like just a nice moment between family, but the Preaching the Word Commentary on Genesis brings this passage to life.

Following along with the verses, the commentary explains the background information and meaning that might not immediately come to mind. For example, the author Hughes explains that by bringing his sons to be blessed by Jacob, Joseph was identifying himself with God’s people, thereby losing their Egyptian prominence. Why does that matter? Joseph was trusting God’s promise, even if it seemed crazy to outsiders. Understanding this can help bring to light the significance of Jacob’s blessing to Joseph.

Read the rest of the commentary on Genesis 48 below. The Preaching the Word Series is an award-winning commentary specifically written to serve those who preach.

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