Daily Readings to Refresh Your Soul

Reading the Bible as a pastor or preacher for personal edification can be tough. Dissecting the text and seeing the technical aspects constantly can keep you from letting the Bible speak to you. But an important part of leading or teaching is your own faith. This can help you be a better minister to the ones who depend on you each week.

Written by One of the Century’s Great “Pastor-Preachers”

A new release for Wordsearch, the Walk in the Word Series will refresh your soul while also helping you grow in biblical knowledge. Written by George Morrison, who is known as one of the century’s great “pastor-preachers,” these two volumes contain daily readings that seek to meet life’s needs with a Word from God.

This two volume set includes:

  • Meditations on the Gospels, containing daily readings focused on the life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the gospels
  • More Meditations on the New Testament and Psalms, containing readings on the lives of the apostles and the spread of Christianity as recorded in Acts through Revelation

Morrison’s text is easy to read and has fresh insights that easily turn into a great sermon.

The Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin

For example, in the reading on the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin in the gospel of Luke, Morrison concludes:

“Note, lastly, in a Word, this joyful truth: the sheep, when found, was carried by the shepherd. He did not drive it before the flock. He did not commit it to the charge of any underling. He laid it rejoicingly on his own shoulders, and on his own shoulders bore it home…But when the sheep was found it was upheld in the strong arm of the shepherd, till the perils of the desert were no more. So everyone who is saved by Jesus Christ is saved to be of service to his Lord. …but he is not only found that he may serve. He shall be kept and carried like the sheep. He shall find himself borne homeward by a love that is far too strong ever to let him go. It is only when we are leaning upon Christ that we are able to win heavenward at all. He alone keeps us from falling, and can present us faultless before the presence of God’s glory, with exceeding joy.”

Reading the Walk in the Word Series daily will remind you of what’s important as you go through the trials of each day.

About the Author

George Herbert Morrison (1866-1928) completed his university studies and then assisted Sir James Murray at Oxford in the preparation of the Oxford English Dictionary. Sensing a call to the ministry, he studied at Free Church college and went on to serve several churches, including the Wellington United Free Church of Glasgow, Scotland, from 1902 until his death. He has been characterized as one of the century’s great “pastor-preachers,” always seeking to meet life’s need with a word from God.

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