Brilliant Selections of Commentary Offer New Lessons from the Past

Much can be learned from the 16th century preachers, writers, and scholars of the Reformation. With the Reformation Commentary on the Scriptures you have centralized access to treasures that very few can gather for themselves. The series introduces you to the great diversity of the Reformation, with commentary from Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, Anabaptist, and even reform-minded Catholic thinkers. All shared a commitment to the faithful exposition of Scripture. Each volume consists of the collected comments and wisdom of the Reformers on each passage of Scripture. What you’ll have is a unique tool for the spiritual and theological reading of Scripture and a vital help for teaching and preaching.

A New Type of Commentary

We’re all familiar with the works of the great reformers such as Luther and Calvin, and their comments are well represented. But the editors of the RCS went much further, introducing splendid commentary by other authors of the period, many of which you will discover for the first time. For example, consider the commentary for John 1:1 (In the beginning was the Word). Of course you’ll hear from John Calvin and Martin Luther. But you’ll also find stirring commentary from Johannes Brenz, Caspar Cruciger, Desiderius Erasmus, Martin Bucer, Erasmus Sarcerius, Cardinal Cajetan, Wolfgang Musculus, and Aegidius Hunnius.

If you check the bibliography and for the first 12 chapters of John, you’ll find 50 authors who provided commentary. Many of these writers have never been translated into English before now. A few of the writers are anonymous and known today only by the titles of their books.

Brilliant Selections of Commentary Offer New Lessons from the Past

You’ll be impressed by how the editors of this work have organized such a huge amount of timeless material. Many of these original authors studied the Bible thoroughly with deep contemplative discernment, comparing text with text. The editors of the RCS respected this tradition by allowing one author to reflect on another.

You will also appreciate the selection of Bible books that the editors of the RCS chose to publish first (they continue to release 1 to 2 new volumes each year). The volumes in this bundle tend to be the books we are most likely to find ourselves using for preaching and teaching. Learn more in the video below.

This series is on sale now until September 20. Learn more here.

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