The Bible Speaks Today

The Bible Speaks Today is a 55-volume commentary from IVP Academic Publishing, one of the world’s most respected publishers of Bible reference works. This complete set covers every book and chapter of the Bible.

Easy to Read – Excellent Scholarship

The editors of The Bible Speaks Today are trusted theologians known to evangelical preachers and teachers. John R.W. Stott is the executive editor of the New Testament and J.A. Motyer is the executive editor of the Old Testament.

A Detailed and Thorough Exposition of Scripture

Each commentator carefully reveals the meaning of every Bible passage. Reading this commentary is both refreshing and inspiring. The Bible Speaks Today contains many “aha” moments. The authors always seek to offer applications that are relevant to us today. This makes The Bible Speaks Today ideal for preaching and teaching. The bibliography for this set is impressive because it indicates how much research went into this work. For example, the book of John cites 31 other works. The book of Numbers cites 45 works!

Ideal for Preaching & Teaching – A Brief Sample from John 6:60-71

John 6 is a fascinating chapter. The commentator titles this section The Cost of Discipleship. Jesus had just said that “The one who eats My flesh and drinks My blood lives in Me and I in him.” When Jesus explained this further, the Bible says, “From that moment many of His disciples turned back and no longer accompanied Him.” Such a sad sentence. The commentator introduces this lesson by telling us, “Here we encounter the mystery of sin and unbelief as it interfaces with the purpose of God.

The Bible Speaks Today commentary makes this historic teaching personal to us today. You will find it’s ideal for sermon and lesson preparation. The author reminds us:

The concluding paragraph of the chapter vividly expresses the cost of following Jesus. Being a true believer will involve going the way of the cross, as Jesus will indicate: ‘unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies …’ (12:24). Among other things, that will mean remaining true to Jesus when he and his word are dismissed. Being a true believer will mean following him loyally when his truth is hard to understand and even harder to apply, when his claims seem largely contradicted by tangible realities, and when the multitudes turn away from him and we find ourselves part of a small and ostracized minority.

This is just a small clip from the full commentary on this passage. You will find this work will be a blessing to you and your ministry to others. Here’s more on what this set looks like in Wordsearch:

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