Weekly Free Book! Principle Preaching

The power of principle preaching is simple. Principles are universally applicable. Thus, receptivity is accordingly universal. If it is true in physics that everything that goes up must come down, it is also true in principle preaching, where virtually every principle will be heard, received, remembered, practiced, and even perpetuated by those who hear the Word. Whether one is saved or lost, a communist or Catholic, a Buddhist or Baptist, an astronaut, truck driver, banker, or custodian, the principles will stick.

Today’s free book, usually $14.50, is Principle Preaching: How to Create and Deliver Sermons For Life Applications by John Bisagno.

Principle preaching, preaching life-changing principle-based sermons, is the style of preaching that John Bisagno has been using for years. Principle Preaching takes biblical principles and makes life applications by infusing these principles into the narrative preached. As a result, hearers of your sermons, instead of having three or four judiciously made sermon points, have life application principles they can put into practice in their daily life—immediately. Principle Preaching includes forty chapters featuring principle sermons from both the Old and New Testament characters such as Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Pharaoh, Mary and Joseph, John the Baptist, Peter, Pilate and Timothy.

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  1. Hi Pamela, Free Friday books are only free on Fridays! Check back tomorrow for a different free one. 🙂

    • Pamela Robillard says

      Thank you for your correction response. I’ve not been feeling well and took no notice of what day it was.

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