Explore What the Bible Says About Work

If we are not following Jesus the 100,000 hours of our lives we spend at work, are we really following Christ?

The Bible and Your Work Bible Study Series is a set of 24 volumes exploring what the Bible says about work. Each volume consists of chapters broken down into multiple lessons that include Scripture references, thought-provoking questions, and prayers. Each lesson includes “Food for Thought” sections that will make you stop and apply what you are learning to your life. These sections are also a great place to start when writing a sermon series on the Bible and work.

Practical, Relevant Guidance to Find Meaning & Value in Work

The Theology of Work Project created this study series. Their mission has been to study what the Bible says about work and develop resources to apply the Christian faith to your work. From what they have found, every book of the Bible gives practical, relevant guidance to help find meaning and value in our work.

The Bible and Your Work Series is helpful for individual study but best for group studies or sermons & lessons for valuable perspectives and encouragement. The volumes include Bible books, going verse-by-verse, as well as topical studies, such as Rest and Work, Ethics at Work, Provision and Wealth, Calling and Work, and many more.

These topics and Bible verses will be applicable to anyone who wants to find meaning in their work. For example, how many people do you know who have a hard time finding real rest in their lives? From the wandering Israelites who didn’t trust God’s provision, to workplace Christians who wonder whether Sabbath commandments still apply today, many ask “why” and “how” we should rest. Through biblical analysis and real-world examples, this in-depth study of rest and work elevates both activities to their God-given importance.

Work is not only a human calling but also a divine one. To this day, God calls us to work to support ourselves and serve others. The Bible and Your Work Series will encourage you and guide you to see your work in a new light. Download the entire set for our intro sale of $49.95 until November 29. Learn more here.

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