Weekly Free Book – The Relational Leader

Today’s free book is The Relational Leader by Stephen R. Graves and Brad J. Waggoner.

What makes a great leader?

Whatever formula and definition you come up with, you must account for the relational side of life. Very little work happens without touching people. Another way to say that is most of our work is tied to humanity. Therefore, without sound relational skills every leader will struggle. And there are no exceptions. That leadership deficit eventually catches up with us.

The authors’ goal in this brief book is to offer you a few nuggets to help you improve your relational leadership capabilities. The chapters are short, useful and inspirational.

For an additional free e-book, Managing Me: Why Some Leaders Build a Remarkable Legacy and Others Sadly Crumble, by Steve Graves (not for use in Wordsearch) and to sign up for his email list, visit here.

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