“Nothing Less than a Library of Faithful Exegesis and Exposition”

John MacArthur is known worldwide as an outstanding theologian, author, and champion of expository preaching. His MacArthur New Testament Commentary is one of today’s top-selling commentary series with over 1 million copies sold to date.

In each volume, MacArthur carefully takes each passage of Scripture, brings out truth and doctrine, and then explains how this relates to the whole, big picture of the Bible. He connects the Scriptural dots, using Scripture to shed light on other Scripture.

In this expository commentary, MacArthur provides verse-by-verse analysis within the context. With focus on the meaning and context, each passage is then reflected on, followed by points of application. The application is practical and relevant. It is not linguistically technical but will deal with linguistics when MacArthur feels it is helpful. It also focuses on major doctrines and how they relate to Scripture.

The MacArthur New Testament Commentary is thorough, and MacArthur will sometimes get more out of one verse than many commentaries will get out of an entire chapter.

In Wordsearch, you can have your Bible open to whatever passage you are studying alongside the MacArthur New Testament Commentary. You can also easily hover over any other Bible verses he cross-references to read them without losing your place.

MacArthur’s precise, accessible, and unique analysis of the text is incredibly helpful for those who preach, teach, or love to study God’s Word. See how this commentary looks in Wordsearch in the video below:

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