Feast in the Word of God

Designed to help you grow in your understanding, love, and appreciation of God’s Word, the Bible Feast Series is a practical and powerful tool for pastors and Bible teachers.

Great for Sermon Creation

Each of the ten books of the Bible covered is well outlined, alliterated, practically illustrated, and grounded in the Word of God. Each book starts with an overall outline of the major events and an introduction. The lessons that follow include the Bible verse covered, illustrations, related verses, and quotes before moving into the bulk of the lesson text. Each lesson is built into easy-to-read bullet points that will guide and encourage you in your sermon creation.

The Bible Feast Series covers the books of Genesis (1-11), Jonah, Nehemiah, Nahum, Daniel, Hebrews, James, 2 Peter, Jude, and Philemon. It was written by a pastor & church planter who has a heart for helping others shepherd their flock.

This set is on sale for $29.95 until January 3. Learn more here.

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