The Good Book Guides

The best Bible studies stay with you. When a study asks good questions, it leads you to focus on the Scripture in a way you might not have before. Good questions help you retain new insights that you can apply to your life. The Good Book Guides, a 49-volume set of Bible studies, has those kind of questions.

The Good Book Guides – Faithful. Applied. Prayerful.

Each volume covers a book from the Old or New Testament, or a range of topics, from “Making Work Work” to “The Five Solas.” The strong focus of these guides is prayerful application. The authors, people like Timothy Keller, Mark Dever, Thabiti Anyabwile, and many others, want to lead you to apply what you will have learned to your life. Each lesson can be used in personal study, especially when using the Wordsearch word processor to write out your thoughts about the questions.

With a user-friendly format, each session not only seeks to uncover the meaning of the passage, it also shows how that passage fits into the big picture of the Bible. The text and themes are connected to real-life experiences for better understanding. The thought-provoking questions can also challenge you and help you create some great sermons.

Each session includes:

  • Discussion starters
  • Investigate: Inductive study questions
  • Explore more (optional extra questions that connect the text with other parts of the Bible)
  • Apply
  • Prayer, thanksgiving, and requests – based on the text studied
  • And more.

A leader guide is also included for each book, providing historical background information, explanations of the text, guidance on how best to help uncover the truths, and extra activity ideas.

Create Even Better Lessons with Lessonmaker

The Good Book Guides are also Lessonmaker compatible in Wordsearch 12. Lessonmaker takes the pressure out of preparing for Bible study lessons by helping you pull together customized Bible studies in a fraction of the time it takes to start from scratch. Any lesson can be even more powerful with access to additional discussion questions and material using Lessonmaker. It’s a great reason to upgrade your software, but even if you don’t have Wordsearch 12, The Good Book Guides are fully functional for group study. Simply print out each lesson, which will be nicely formatted for group handouts.

The Good Book Guides are on sale until February 11. Learn more here.

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