Wordsearch 12 Update Available

Hi everyone!

A few updates for Wordsearch 12 users.

To update Wordsearch 12: When you open your program a pop-up will alert you of an update, or you can go to Help – Check for Updates, and it will download the update if your program isn’t up to date.

  • Word Processor: Pop-up Scripture text now works under Windows 10.
  • Bibliography Window: Can now add or remove books during search.
  • Added Table of Contents button to Lexicon Explorer for speedier navigation.
  • Lexicon Explorer now works with the Complete Biblical Library Greek-English Dictionary.
  • Lexicon Explorer now offers window history.
  • Lexicon Explorer will now display embedded pictures.
  • Fixed error switching desktops when a Sync Group Driver is active.
  • Improved handling of hyperlinks to books not currently installed.
  • Fixed caption color of OneDrive button.
  • Now you can double-click Greek or Hebrew words in the Lexicon Explorer itself to look up those words.
  • Updated thumbnail image for default library book.
  • Updated Help link to video tutorials.
  • Improved support for single sign-on.
  • Fixed second workspace caption.
  • Improved book context menus.
  • Enabled OneDrive Copy and Move.
  • Disabled OneDrive on Mac due to compatibility issues.
  • Automated backups now include Bible Notes even if the window is open.
Thank you for your patience!


  1. Olen Russell says

    Is this the update for that we have been waiting for since last fall?

  2. Richard Oglesby says

    Has the update for MacOS been completed yet? We are almost a year in waiting to upgrade our OS.

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