Wordsearch 12 Update Available

Hi everyone!

A few updates for Wordsearch 12 users.

To update Wordsearch 12: When you open your program a pop-up will alert you of an update, or you can go to Help – Check for Updates, and it will download the update if your program isn’t up to date.

  • Word Processor: Pop-up Scripture text now works under Windows 10.
  • Bibliography Window: Can now add or remove books during search.
  • Added Table of Contents button to Lexicon Explorer for speedier navigation.
  • Lexicon Explorer now works with the Complete Biblical Library Greek-English Dictionary.
  • Lexicon Explorer now offers window history.
  • Lexicon Explorer will now display embedded pictures.
  • Fixed error switching desktops when a Sync Group Driver is active.
  • Improved handling of hyperlinks to books not currently installed.
  • Fixed caption color of OneDrive button.
  • Now you can double-click Greek or Hebrew words in the Lexicon Explorer itself to look up those words.
  • Updated thumbnail image for default library book.
  • Updated Help link to video tutorials.
  • Improved support for single sign-on.
  • Fixed second workspace caption.
  • Improved book context menus.
  • Enabled OneDrive Copy and Move.
  • Disabled OneDrive on Mac due to compatibility issues.
  • Automated backups now include Bible Notes even if the window is open.
Thank you for your patience!

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