Deeply Spiritual, Insightful, Edifying, and Biblical

The Church’s Bible is designed to present the Scriptures as understood and interpreted during the first millennium of Christian history.

Early Christian thinkers loved the Bible’s teachings and were filled with awe before its mysteries. They believed that “Scripture interprets Scripture,” and the library of commentaries they wrote are an untapped resource for understanding the Bible as a book about Christ.

Scholarly, Yet Accessible

Drawing extensively on these ancient commentaries that were written during the first 800 years of Church history, the five volumes in this series include the comments, as well as sermons and sermon series, that were written during that time. Studying these volumes will bring you into the spiritual and theological world of the early Church and its understanding of the Bible. You’ll find that the knowledge found in The Church’s Bible is helpful for preaching and teaching.

A Spiritual Practice of Interpretation

In the early church, all discussions of theological topics, moral issues, and Christian practice took the biblical text as the starting point. It was also a spiritual practice, with theology and scriptural interpretation working together as one for most of the Church’s history.

Most of us aren’t familiar with this ancient tradition. The Church’s Bible was created to bring the richness of the Church’s classical tradition of interpretation to preachers, teachers, and those who love God’s Word today.

The five volumes just released include Isaiah, Matthew, John, Romans, and 1 Corinthians, with more books planned to be published in the coming years.  Until February 21, individual volumes are on sale for $19.95 each, or add all five to your library for only $59.95.

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