A Systematic Theology for the 21st Century

The Christian Foundations seven-volume series is a comprehensive, systematic theology for the twenty-first century. Author Donald G. Bloesch contributes significantly to late modern evangelical theology, exploring what an ancient faith has to say to perplexing new times.

In each of the volumes, Bloesch begins with Scripture then proceeds to dialogue with church tradition and contemporary theology. He also gives special attention to historical background.

Faithful Discussions of the Issues Dividing the Church

Christian Foundations is focused on the work of the Spirit in renewing the church and shaping the Christian life. In doing so, the volumes highlight the issues that are dividing the church in our time.

For example, Bloesch offers fresh and faithful discussions of relativism, the present church conflict over biblical authority, fideism and rationalism, feminine-gender language for God, narrative theology, and the hermeneutical problem.

He also brings a much-needed clarity to the current Christological debate. Well apprised of the most recent developments, yet grounded in his own Reformed faith, Bloesch goes beneath current reconstructions of the Jesus of history to probe underlying issues of theological method, models of salvation, the plausibility of miracles, the language of faith, and the doctrine of sin.

The Seven Volumes Include:

  • A Theology of Word and Spirit
  • Holy Scripture
  • God the Almighty
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Church
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Last Things

Christian Foundations will be of great help to all who want to hold to orthodoxy and honestly engage contemporary thought. This set is on sale until March 21. Learn more here.

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