Weekly Free Book – Evangelistic Cyclopedia

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $29.95, is Evangelistic Cyclopedia: A New Century Handbook of Evangelism by G.B.F. Hallock.

This cyclopedia or handbook on evangelism, with the ten notable evangelistic sermons appended, will be both a rich storehouse of material and a great inspiration to many a preacher.

Some of the chapters in this volume include:

  • The Need of Evangelism
  • Some Methods in Evangelism
  • Five Hundred Revival Texts and Themes
  • Four Hundred and Fifty Evangelistic Illustrations
  • Two Hundred Evangelistic Outlines and Sketches
  • Pastoral Evangelism

This work is timely. Without depreciating in any way the splendid work of our professional evangelists, the church is coming to see that the best of all is pastoral evangelism; and that becoming an evangelistic pastor is within the reach of every pastor who is willing to pay the price. It is an art, however, which must be acquired, as truly as a state of impassioned fervor for men’s salvation.

This work will kindle a hot heart in both preacher and hearer with the fires of the Holy Ghost.

Download here.

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