New! What the OT & NT Authors Really Cared About

Designed to focus on the message of each book of the Bible while displaying full-color images, charts and other helpful items that make this a very accessible resource.

You will find the volumes of What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About and What the New Testament Authors Cared Really About to be easy to use and learn from.

Featuring gospel-centered content, each chapter is written by a scholar that specializes in the particular book they are covering. These surveys really strive to help users easily grasp what the biblical authors intended to relate within the Scriptures.

Within a short period of time after opening these resources, you will see how well they are laid out and make for a very enjoyable reading and learning experience. This will be a valuable resource and likely will become a vital go-to when preparing sermons and lessons.

Some key benefits you will find in this series are:

  • One-page snapshots of important information (who, when, where, why) at the start of each chapter that help condense the material quickly and effectively;
  • Several hundred color images are included, along with dozens of charts and maps;
  • The ability for any student or teacher of the Bible to easily comprehend the text, as it was written specifically to cater to broad audiences with its very understandable wording;
  • Key words and concepts for review are included at the end of each chapter; and
  • Helpful applications that help the reader dive into how the biblical authors might apply their writings to current day times.

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