A Favorite of Preachers & Teachers

The Tyndale Commentary Series has long been a favorite of preachers, teachers, and serious students of God’s Word. Carefully staying true to the Bible text, each commentary in the set walks through every passage one at a time, making sure to stop at each significant Greek or Hebrew word. Aiming to be fully understood by everyone, including those with no experience in biblical languages, this series is easy-to-understand, but it also digs deep into the text.

Written by some of the world’s most distinguished evangelical Bible scholars, the Tyndale Commentary Series is scholarly without being overly-technical. Each volume includes a concise but thorough introduction, giving you the background information on the book covered. The commentary then goes through each section of the text, showing you the overall themes along with commenting on individual verses. When Greek and Hebrew words are discussed, the transliteration is offered to make it easily readable. The authors explain why the word is important and how it’s related to the associated passage and other Scriptures is explained.

Studying with the Tyndale Commentary Series will raise your personal level of Bible understanding. When using this resource in Wordsearch, you’ll be able to easily cross-reference with the text, Strong’s, and other study tools in order to get the most out of your Bible study time.

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