Guest Post – The Importance of Daily Devotionals

I read somewhere that “the gospel brings a person to God and daily devotionals keep them near to God.” We may ask ourselves this question, “Why is it important to have daily devotions?”

I have been a runner off and on ever since I was a junior in high school. Once I begin running it did not take me long to realize that long distance running was something I truly enjoyed. I graduated high school in 1979 and ran my first 5K race in July of that same year, though I had not been running for months. I did really well in that race and a guy took me under his wing and helped me to develop the needed skills to become a fairly good racer.

In 1989 I ran my first marathon and my goal was to break 3 hours and 30 minutes, I actually ran the race in 3 hours and 23 minutes. The only issue that I had with racing rather than running was that I would lose the joy that I had for just pure running because I had to do regimented training to excel at racing. I would go fanatical in my training when I was dedicated to running and before long, I would just quit running. Why? I would get burnt out!

It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. – Lam 3:22-23 KJV

The same can be said with those of us that continually read the Bible for “sermons, for preaching, and for teaching.”  If we are not careful we will burn ourselves out due to chasing after sermons and our lives will grow cold, crusty, and calloused to God, the church, our family, and our relationship with Christ.

Daily devotionals are something we need to develop in our lives and instill in the lives of our people. I want to give you a few ideas as to why daily devotionals are important in the life of God’s ministers.

  1. Relations: The Lord desires a relationship with his children and we should desire a relationship with him.  If we are not careful we will become so regimented in chasing after sermons that we forget to chase after God.
  2. Refreshing: It is such a joy to sit down and just read the Bible or a book that affords me a moment of being refreshed. I am a believer in expository bible preaching and book-by-book preaching, but there are times when I just hit stop and preach something different to make sure I’m not being monotonous and cold.
  3. Relevant: In doing my daily devotionals I have found that God speaks to me in a much more intimate manner than when I am just designing and developing sermons. As pastors we all have our own specific needs and usually we are lacking in being ministered to by preaching or teaching. When we do our daily devotions the Lord will minister us just as we minister to others.
  4. Resilience: How many of us ask our people to have a personal relationship with the Lord, but we fail to develop one ourselves? If we want our membership to be resilient and consistent with the Lord, as ministers we should set the example.
  5. Reflective: In doing daily devotionals we are given ample opportunity to be reflective in our walk and in our work. It is refreshing to allow a small portion of our day just to reflect upon where we are with God and where we are going with God.

– Donald L. Cantrell has been a preacher of the gospel since 1980. His goal in writing books is to be helpful to ministers who may need a simple thought to prompt them in developing a mighty message. His hope is to be practical, preachable, and accessible to the busy and pressured pastor. In addition to preaching and writing, Donald has been active in personal sermon consulting and research, offering help with individual sermon development, subject research, Bible character studies, and sermon series. He has also helped various pastorates with the leading of revivals.

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