A Christian Classic

“Pastors will benefit greatly from this book in their sermon preparation, as well as students of the Bible. Sunday-school teachers will find invaluable help, and every christian who wants to go deeper into the marvelous grace of god will be enriched with these commentaries.” – Dr. Adrian Rogers, Former Southern Baptist Convention President

Understanding the Bible can be challenging, and sometimes you don’t have the time to read a large, time-consuming commentary. The Roy Gingrich Bible Commentaries are a set of 100 comprehensive commentaries. Written in outline form, the volumes are perfect for sermons, lessons, or Bible study groups.

Over a Million Sold

A labor of love by the late Roy Gingrich, a pastor, professor, and author, this commentary involved many, many hundreds of hours of study, research, meditation, and prayer over a period of around 15 years. For the last few decades, the Roy Gingrich Bible Commentaries have been in constant circulation, with over a million sold to date. While first written for use in the Gingrich’s own church and college classroom, today they have become a Christian classic.

Simple, Thorough Explanations

The 100 volumes in this set include 60 commentaries on the entire Bible, and 40 on major Bible themes like salvation, doctrine, history, and more. Gingrich spent a lifetime reading, studying, praying, teaching, preaching, and writing about the Word of God. He has a way of making complicated subjects simple and useful. He is able to compact all of his research and insights into enjoyable and abridged, yet thorough, explanations.

Searching this commentary by verse or topic in Wordsearch makes it incredibly handy to have in your sermon creation or study. You can use it alongside your Bible translations while writing your own insights in the Word Processor. You can also use NoteStack to quickly and easily organize the notes you take on this commentary.

About the Author

Graduating magna cum laude from Chrichton College, many expected Dr. Roy Gingrich to do great things. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he was called to pastor several churches, ranging from Mt Vernon, Illinois down to Memphis, Tennessee, where he stayed as the pastor for over 40 years.

This set is on sale for $149.95 until April 22. Learn more here.

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