Concise Studies to Help You Save Prep Time

Shepherd’s Notes were designed as study guides to help you create meaningful lessons or sermons. Each of the 55 volumes will give you a succinct description of the important features and main message of the Bible book or topic. Meant to be used alongside the Bible, they will help you explore the wisdom of Scripture in personal or group study and apply that wisdom successfully in your own life.

Easy to Understand & Apply

Every book of the Bible is covered in this bundle, along with 14 volumes covering important topics, like the Life & Letters of Paul, or reference works by people of faith, such as Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students. These volumes are like the Cliff Notes™ version of difficult-to-use reference works, providing easy to understand summaries and explanations.

Concise Studies to Help You Save Prep Time

The volumes covering the Bible give you a quick, step-by-step overview. They guide you through the main themes and illuminate fascinating details. Concise commentary and comprehensive outlines help you quickly locate and understand a particular passage. The historical and cultural information Shepherd’s Notes provide bring the Bible into sharper focus. With how concise these studies are you’ll save time in your sermon and lesson preparation while gaining valuable insights into the truths of God’s Word that you can pass along. While easy to use in print, Shepherd’s Notes are even faster and easier to use in Wordsearch.

As you study these works in Wordsearch, you’ll notice six different icons that are used throughout the series. These icons call your attention to historical-cultural information, Old Testament and New Testament references, word pictures, unit summaries, and personal application for everyday life. Sidebars, charts, maps, and thought-provoking questions are also included.

Shepherd’s Notes will give you the foundation you need to be able to teach others in a way they can understand. With Shepherd’s Notes as your guide, you’ll grow in your confidence as you preach & teach God’s Word.

Until May 6, you can add Shepherd’s Notes to your digital library for $49.95. Learn more here.

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