The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology

The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology (EEECAA) is the first comprehensive reference work of its kind.

More than 400 distinguished scholars, including archaeologists, art historians, historians, epigraphers, and theologians, have written the 1,455 entries in this monumental encyclopedia.

From Aachen to Zurzach, Paul Corby Finney’s masterwork draws on archaeological and epigraphic evidence to offer readers a basic orientation to early Christian architecture, sculpture, painting, mosaic, and portable artifacts created roughly between AD 200 and 600 in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Clear, Concise, and Accessible

You don’t need to have specialized training in archaeology and the history of art to enjoy this volume. Early Christian art has had a long-lasting influence on the history of art, and the “visual world that early Christians invented was bristling with spiritual intents and purposes.” (From the Preface.)

A Powerful Research Tool in Wordsearch

Even more powerful than in print, a quick search in Wordsearch will take you right to the information you need. Other terms that have entries are linked so you can go straight to them if interested, and the Bible verses mentioned are also linked (or you can read them in the pop up without leaving where you are). This is especially helpful considering that the EEECAA is 1,750 pages in print.

An example of part of an encyclopedia entry on Paul that includes images.

Along with the 1,455 encyclopedia entries (some that also have images included), this volume also includes plates and maps (with a map index). The plates are images of different artifacts and artwork from more than 25 countries and cover the the entire timeframe of the EEECAA.

An example of a plate.

Clear, comprehensive, and richly illustrated, this work will be an essential resource for all those interested in late antique and early Christian art, archaeology, and history.

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