Return to Basic Biblical Foundations

The Founders Journal is a quarterly publication that highlights theological and ecclesiological issues from a Baptist and confessionally Calvinistic perspective.

The articles have been carefully researched and include historical, biblical, theological, practical, and ecumenical studies that will help you to return to basic biblical foundations for both belief and practice.

Committed to Southern Baptist Principles

Published by Founders Ministries, who are committed to encouraging the recovery of the gospel and the biblical reformation of local churches, these journals cover a wide range of topics and include sermons, expositions, essays, letters, book reviews, and newsworthy notes.

The Founders Journal Bundle in Wordsearch includes 107 issues, from Spring 1990 to Spring 2017. Some examples of the topics covered are:

  • Systematic Theology and Preaching
  • Historic Southern Baptist Principles
  • The Pastor as Theologian
  • Pastoral Priorities
  • The Doctrinally-Driven Christian Life
  • The Preaching We Need

A Valuable Tool in Wordsearch

These journals are even more helpful in Wordsearch. Instead of taking up valuable shelf space, you can access all 107 individual journals in this bundle right on your computer. Searching and cross-referencing with the other tools in your library is fast and easy. Within seconds, you’ll find every article from every journal that mentions the text or topic you want to search.

You’ll be encouraged and refreshed by the valuable insights found in Founders Journal. Add to your Wordsearch library for 78% off until May 27. Learn more here.

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