Solid Biblical Exegesis

How to Understand & Apply the Bible includes two comprehensive volumes filled with solid exegesis of the Scriptures. Accessible for pastors, Bible teachers, and anyone who loves to study the Word, these volumes will empower you to understand and apply the Old and New Testaments.

Both volumes follow an extensively field-tested twelve-step process to deepen understanding and shape theology (biblical, systematic, and practical). You’ll learn how to track the biblical author’s thought-flow, grasp the text’s message, and apply the ancient Word in this modern world, all in light of Christ’s redeeming work.

How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: Twelve Steps from Exegesis to Theology

What are Christians to do with Old Testament laws? How should Christians consider Old Testament promises? How does the Old Testament point to Christ?

Loaded with examples and practical answers, How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament shows how the Old Testament must be understood as Christian. The author does this by showing how the entire Old Testament points to Jesus, including the messianic nature of the Old Testament, and how Christ fulfills the Mosaic law.

This volume was written for anyone who wants to learn how to observe carefully, understand accurately, evaluate fairly, and express faithfully God’s revealed Word. It also engages with numerous illustrations from Scripture that model these interpretive steps.

How to Understand and Apply the New Testament: Twelve Steps from Exegesis to Theology

“How should you study the Word so that you can practice and teach it? More specifically, how should you understand and apply the New Testament?”

This volume is written for pastors, students, and anyone who loves to study the New Testament. After introducing exegesis and theology, the volume teaches you how to move through the passage from genre to textual criticism, all the way to practical application.

With engaging illustrations and practical answers at your fingertips, you will master the skills needed to deepen your understanding and shape theology with confidence and wisdom.

Both of these volumes include key words and concepts, questions for further reflection, and resources for further study. With How to Understand & Apply the Bible, you’ll be refreshed and enhance your understanding of the Scriptures. On sale for 69% off until May 30. Learn more here.

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