15 Volumes That Answer Questions We All Ask

You’ll quickly discover that the Exploring the Bible Bundle is a discipleship and devotional commentary. Written by qualified pastors and scholars, it’s extremely easy to read and is filled with practical applications that are relevant to our current times.

15 Volumes That Answer Questions We All Ask

The Exploring the Bible Series helps us make sense of many Scripture passages that seem confusing. We often find ourselves asking questions such as:

  • What is the relevance of the obscure laws found in Deuteronomy?
  • Why is God not mentioned in the book of Esther?
  • What is God’s plan today for Jews and Gentiles?
  • How can I live a Christian life in spite of our cultural pressures?
  • What is the message and application of the book of Revelation?

You’ll be impressed and blessed with the answers to questions like these, and many others. The Exploring the Bible Bundle takes an in-depth look at the wilderness journeys of the Israelites, the challenges faced by Ruth, Joshua, and Esther, the life and ministry of Old Testament prophets, challenges faced by the first century church, and much more.

Wordsearch makes this commentary even more useful because of all the hyperlink Bible passages that immediately take you to each cross-reference of Scripture mentioned in the commentary.

This set is on sale for $49.95 until June 17. Learn more here.

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