Focused Commentaries Ideal for Preaching & Teaching

A Commentary from Top Evangelical Scholars

The Focus on the Bible Commentaries are ideal for preaching, teaching, and personal Bible study. The chapter-by-chapter commentary exposition will help you discover the culture and audience of the passage, the biblical author’s intentions, and how to apply the text to your life today. These commentaries waste no words in distilling Bible truths and drilling down to the essential lessons that each verse offers.

These fresh commentaries really do what they promise – they help you to FOCUS on the book you are studying.This focused approach is very helpful, inspiring, and great for sermon and lesson preparation. Each passage is clearly explained and taught, and every volume is written by a well-respected evangelical pastor or scholar.

Focused Introductions, Commentary & Applications

Every Bible book opens with a highly focused introduction. You’ll have a much deeper understanding of each Bible book, adding a deeper focus to the biblical commentary that follows. Every commentary selection concludes with probing questions and recommendations that will advance your studies further.

Three New Volumes Just Released!

The Focus on the Bible Commentary bundle in Wordsearch now includes 45 volumes, and the set is available for $149.95. The three new volumes just released are Exodus, Joel & Obadiah, and John. Individual volume are available for $4.95 each.

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