New! A Christian’s Pocket Guide Series

12-volume set of key concepts

A Christian’s Pocket Guide series is a 12-volume set of easy-to-read guides that offer an introduction to key concepts and people who are important to the Christian faith. These guides highlight a wide range of topics that have been carefully researched and include historical, biblical, theological, and practical helps.

This set, which is new to Wordsearch Bible, is published by Christian Focus Publications (CFP). At CFP, the mission is all about the message of the gospel: the message of God’s Word communicated in the Book of books, the Bible.

The 12-volume set includes:

How We Got the Bible – Answers some critical questions about the Word of God, helping us to understand where the Scriptures came from and why we can trust them

Baptism – Reflects sensitively on historic Christian teaching and avoids the extremes that often mark discussions of this subject, making this a book for everyone

Mary – Looks at the life and character of Mary and her unique significance in the gospel story

Being Made Right With God – An explosive, transformational, and utterly liberating message of justification throughout the Bible

Good Works and Rewards – Works through the biblical basis and references to good works and rewards, showing that the grace of God our loving Heavenly Father, is stamped all over this doctrine

Loving The Old Testament – Draws together the threads of Scripture to help us understand the power of God’s Word when viewed in its completeness

Growing in Holiness – Teachings on the major doctrine of sanctification

Suffering – Simply, but clearly, presents a biblical view of suffering so that your feet might land on the solid foundation of God’s Word and the God of that Word and, there, find understanding and hope

Jesus Christ – Explains the interconnectivity of the work and person of Jesus Christ and dispels any misconceptions one might have

The Papacy – Discusses its origin and role in the 21st century and takes a deeper dive investigating the papacy topic biblically

Islam – Covers the rise of Islam, explaining the beliefs and practices of Muslims, misunderstandings they have of Christianity, and how to best witness to them

Buddhism – Helps overcome the hurdles and communicate the gospel in a way that Buddhists can understand. Whether you are traveling, or meet a Buddhist in your workplace or next door, this is an invaluable tool in this cross-cultural age

The valuable insights and knowledge found within A Christian’s Pocket Guide series will be a tremendous help to your personal study and ministry.

Click here for more details or to add this outstanding new bundle of resources to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898. This sale ends June 27.

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