New! Short Studies in Biblical Theology

Short studies. Long lasting knowledge.

Published by Crossway, Short Studies in Biblical Theology is a set that aims to connect the resurgence of biblical theology at the academic level with everyday believers. Each of the eight volumes within this series is written in such a way that no prior theological training or knowledge on the topic is needed to understand the subject matter.

This set is designed to help any Christian learn from and greatly benefit from these books. Short Studies in Biblical Theology helps the reader see how the whole Bible fits beautifully together.

When Crossway first began this series, they wrote the following:

“We are launching this series because we love the Bible, we love the church, and we long for the renewal of biblical theology among scholars to enliven the hearts and minds of Christ’s disciples all around the world. As editors, we have found few discoveries more thrilling in life than that of seeing the whole Bible as a unified story of God’s gracious acts of redemption, and indeed of seeing the whole Bible as ultimately about Jesus—as he himself testified (Luke 24:27; John 5:39).

The ultimate goal of Short Studies in Biblical Theology is to magnify the Savior and to build up his church. This series shows how the whole Bible points to him and his gracious rescue of helpless sinners, and building up the church by strengthening believers in their grasp of these life-giving truths.”

Short Studies in Biblical Theology will provide preachers, teachers, and all students of the Bible with studies of key biblical themes that will help grow a deeper understanding and appreciation of the flow and Christ-centered focus of Scripture as a whole.

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