Introducing Apollos Old Testament Commentary Series


The Apollos Old Testament Commentary presents the books of the Old Testament in a scholarly manner to non-experts, making them easily accessible and relevant to modern readers. These commentaries serve those who preach from the Old Testament, as well as scholars and serious students.

The series delves into the Old Testament and addresses how it applies to us this day and age compared to the time period of when it was written. Each commentary starts with an introduction followed by an overview of the issues of date, authorship, sources, and outlines the theology of the book. It also provides applicable tools, such as an annotated translation of the Hebrew text.

The “Form” and “Structure” sections examine the context, rhetorical devices, and source and form-critical issues of each passage. The “Comment” sections go through the historical and theological meaning of each passage, and the “Explanation” sections give a full analysis of the theological message. Each volume within the Apollos Old Testament Commentary maintain their commitment to the inspiration and authority of the Old Testament.

This series is currently 11 volumes and will continue to be expanded in the coming years. It is written by an international team of scholars and edited by David W. Baker and Gordon J. Wenham. Click here for more details or to add this outstanding resource to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898. The intro sale of the set is $149.95 and the individual volumes are $19.95 each. This sale ends July 8.

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