Back on Sale with a New Volume, the New International Commentary

With the new release of the volume on Zechariah, the New International Commentary (NIC) has been a decades-long, ongoing project. It has been praised by theologians, preachers, and Bible students because it combines readability with expert scholarship. You’ll find the NIC bridges the gap between today’s world and that of Bible times.

Each volume is close to 1,000 pages and opens up opens with an introduction to the biblical book and examines its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology in detail. The author’s own translation from the original language forms the basis of the commentary proper. Verse-by-verse comments nicely balance in-depth discussions of technical matters. What follows is a scholarly explanation of the text and its implications for today’s application.

Easy to Read, Yet Technically and Critically Detailed

The original Hebrew and Greek texts are carefully studied, and critical comments are footnoted. Each of these footnotes is hyperlinked in Wordsearch. Just hover your cursor over a footnote and a wealth of more helpful information pops up for you. Plus, all grammatical, textual, and historical details are appended. All of these technical and critical details are there for you, but won’t get in your way as you study this easy-to-read commentary.

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