New! Interpretation Bible Resources on Sale Now!

One of the top sellers of the past few years at Wordsearch, the Interpretation Bible Commentary Series offers an exposition of the books of the Bible written for those who teach, preach, and study the Bible.

Now, introducing a new series to the Wordsearch platform, the Interpretation Bible Resources, is addressed to the same audience and serves a similar purpose, providing additional resources for the interpretation of Scripture, but now dealing with features, themes, and issues significant for the whole rather than with individual books.

The Bible is composed of separate books. Its composition naturally has led its interpreters to address particular books. But there are other ways to approach the interpretation of the Bible that respond to other characteristics and features of the Scriptures. These other entries to the task of interpretation provide contexts, overviews, and perspectives that complement the book-by-book approach and discern dimensions of the Scriptures that the commentary design may not adequately explore.

Other volumes in this new series to Wordsearch will examine particular texts, like the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sermon on the Mount – texts that have played an enormously important role in the faith and life of the Christian community.

The Interpretation Bible Resources Series also considers important and often difficult topics, addressed at many different places in the books of the canon, that are of recurrent interest and concern to the church in its dependence on Scripture for faith and life.

Each of these sets can be used independently for its own significant addition to the resources for the study of Scripture. But all of them intersect the commentaries in various ways and provide an important context for their use. The authors of these volumes are biblical scholars and theologians who are committed to the service of interpreting the Scriptures in and for the church. The editors and authors hope that the addition of this series to the commentaries will provide a major contribution to the vitality and richness of biblical interpretation in the church.

For a limited time, both of these fantastic sets have been drastically marked down for a huge sale. Click here for more details or to add this outstanding resource to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898. This sale ends July 22.

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