Two Bestselling B&H Bundles on Sale

The Broadman Bible Commentary was written for everyone with a desire to dig deeper into God’s Word. This includes scholars, preachers, teachers and Bible students. The editors of this work make this clear in their preface to the series:

The Broadman Bible Commentary presents current biblical study within the context of strong faith in the authority, adequacy, and reliability of the Bible as the Word of God. It seeks to offer help and guidance to the Christian who is willing to undertake Bible study as a serious, rewarding pursuit. The publisher thus has defined the scope and purpose of the commentary to produce a work suited to the Bible study needs of both ministers and laypeople. The findings of biblical scholarship are presented so that readers without formal theological education can use them in their own Bible study. Footnotes and technical words are limited to essential information.

The Holman Old and New Testament Commentary is 32 volumes, covering each passage of your Bible. Each volume is uniquely organized to aid you in passing on Bible truths to others in order to make positive changes in their lives. In other words, this commentary goes beyond just explaining and gives you what you need to teach and preach on each passage.

This commentary is set up to work well for detailed interpretation or viewing quick summaries if time is a restraint. Along with detailed explanation, each passage includes a Supporting Idea that is a brief sentence of what you are about to learn and a Main Idea Review that will summarize the main idea of the passage. These are in easy to spot boxes in Wordsearch and make it easy-to-spot the points you are most interested in studying.

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