Story of God Introductory Sale!

The Bible has been studied and interpreted in many ways since it was written. Now there’s a fresh new light shining on God’s great story. The Story of God Bible Commentary illuminates how every single verse connects to God’s story for humankind.

The Story of God Bible Commentary sheds light on God’s story like never before. This commentary reveals practical ways we can live out God’s word in everyday life, faithfully and creatively in today’s culture. Each commentary begins with an introduction that covers important background information and places the theology of that biblical book in the context of the larger biblical story.

Each commentary is divided in to three sections. The first is listen; presenting the Bible passage. Second is explain; closely examines the passage and its fundamental meaning. Third is live the story; answering the question on how we live out the text in the world today.

The set displays much more than one point of view. Each author gives various angles, reflections, illustrations, and recommendations for daily Christian living.

Currently offered by Wordsearch as a 10-volume set, with more volumes on the way in the future, it includes coverage on the Old Testament and New Testament, plus a special volume, “The Sermon on the Mount” by Scott McKnight. This commentary is designed to get you to the core of the text quickly and clearly. It’s a vital, authentic, and practical resource to help teach and preach the Bible. The Story of God Bible Commentary is the perfect resource for Christian culture and connecting the dots between God’s story and ours. See God’s story in a brand new light.

Click here for more details or to add this new commentary to your digital library today. Or, call us at 1-800-888-9898. This sale ends August 5.

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