Introducing Wordsearch Perks

At Wordsearch Bible, our mission has always been to equip and serve preachers and teachers for a lifetime of ministry. The brand new Perks program is our way of thanking our loyal users with more benefits than we have ever offered before.

Join today and you will immediately get a $100 gift card added to your account, plus the ability to receive additional discounts right away!

What You Get With Wordsearch Perks

After enrolling with an annual $100 membership cost, you will quickly see how there are no downsides to joining Perks — only upsides.

$100 GIFT CARD – You will immediately receive back your $100 cost in the form of a $100 Wordsearch gift card. Upon enrolling in the Perks program, it will be automatically added to your account.

10% OFF ALL E-BOOK PURCHASES – As a Perks member, all e-book purchases through our website will be discounted an additional 10% off. Even if something is already on sale, you will see an even lower price once the item is added to the cart.

FREE BOOKS – A couple of times each month, you receive a free resource that will be exclusive to Perks members. Many of these books will be brand new to the Wordsearch library and will be yours to keep for life.

SPECIAL DEALS & PROMOTIONS – All Perks members will periodically receive exclusive coupons and other incredible promotional offers. These will be in addition to the offers that Wordsearch currently releases weekly and will only be available to Perks program members.

TRAINING VIDEOS – All Perks members will periodically receive access to exclusive video content created specifically to help get the most out of Wordsearch. These videos will help you prepare sermons more effectively and efficiently, help you understand how to maximize the features within the program, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Click here for a list of frequently asked questions that we have created to help understand more about the details of Wordsearch Perks. There is no fine print to this incredible new offer. It is just our way of thanking our loyal users and adding value to your experience. If you have any additional questions about Wordsearch Perks that we did not cover, feel free to call us at 1-800-888-9898.


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