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Wondering what to read next? With the thousands of books on the Wordsearch site, it can be tough to decide on what book to add to your library. But we’re here to help! Today’s Staff Pick highlights one of our employee’s favorite book sets. And don’t miss the special discount, plus an excerpt of the commentary on John, at the end of this post just for stopping by!

Recently, I started doing a study in the book of John in chapter 4, the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. I decided to look into The NIV Application Commentary, because a Wordsearch customer highly recommended it to me. I have to say that I do not usually reference the NIV for any of my studies or readings, so I was a little bit skeptical of what I would find. The depth and clarity of the NIV Application Commentary surprised me. I really like the way the commentary is laid out. It has an “Original Meaning” section, a “Bridging Context” section, and a “Contemporary Significance” section.

The “Original Meaning” section goes into great detail on the background, manners/customs, and cultural & historical context to give a clear understanding of the original context. This section alone would stand on its own as a great resource to gain insight and understanding.

The “Bridging Context” section bridges between the original context and the contemporary context of the Scripture. It gives you a greater understand on how God’s Word is timeless and applicable for all generations. The “Bridging Context” brings you forward into the next section of “Contemporary Significance.”

The “Contemporary Significance” section helps you take the truths originally spoken in a different time and culture and apply them to our time and culture.

I would strongly encourage any student of the Word, teacher, or those in full-time ministry to consider adding The NIV Application Commentary to your library. The NIV Application Commentary is on sale for a limited time. Psalms, Volume 2 has just been released. Learn more here.

To read what The NIV Application Commentary says on John 4:1-54, check out this sample PDF.

-Jim Johnsen is a sales representative at Wordsearch.


  1. This was a nice introduction to this commentary. Thanks for that. I noticed the links embedded in the PDF do not work. It seems that your parent company has removed this service. Too bad. However this link will work


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