Fresh Translation, Inspiring Commentary, and Teachable Applications

The Old Testament for Everyone was aptly titled since the gospel message is for everyone. Respected Old Testament scholar Dr. John Goldingay explains familiar and obscure passages of the Bible in a style that is easy to read, understand, and apply. You’ll find wisdom that will transform your preaching and teaching ministry.

Scholarship That Is Hidden in Plain Sight

A companion to the New Testament for Everyone by Dr. N.T. Wright, this work includes fresh translation, inspiring commentary, and teachable applications. What makes both of these sets stand apart from other scholarly works is that they are written for anyone who loves to preach, teach, or find new discoveries in God’s Word.

How do highly-educated Bible scholars deliver depth of study without drowning everyday people in the complexities of Greek and Hebrew? In both sets, Wright and Goldingay found a brilliant solution: power words. These are the words that almost seem to glow at you when you’re reading your Bible (grace, hope, kingdom, covenant, etc.). The commentaries in this series are peppered with these power words, and each one appears in bold. Simply clicking on any of these words will take your study to a deeper level.

Fun and Refreshing to Read

The style of writing is so refreshing; it’s fun to read. You may begin by studying one particular text; however, because these books are so engaging, you’ll spend hours exploring the deep truths of the Old Testament. The Old Testament for Everyone is an accessible, concise, and accurate commentary.

Both the Old and New Testament for Everyone sets are on sale now until November 11. Learn more here.

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