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“If I had 10,000 lives to live, I would want to be a pastor in every one of them,” – Herschel H. Hobbs: My Faith and Message: An Autobiography

Herschel Hobbs (1907-1995) was one of the leading Christian communicators of the twentieth century. He was a president of the SBC, pastor of the same church for nearly 25 years, and wrote or edited 147 books and Bible commentaries. He also was a preacher on Baptist Hour, reaching 50 million people with his sermons.

A Teacher of Teachers & Preachers

While he was a pastor, he wrote weekly Sunday school lessons for adults that were soon requested by churches throughout the SBC. He ended up writing 28 years’ worth of quarterly Sunday school lesson commentaries.

The Bible Studies for Life: Herschel Hobbs Commentary originates from these lessons, but since his passing in 1995, the series has continued with trusted theologians who have maintained the style and depth of Hobbs.

This bundle includes quarterly studies from the years 1997 to 2019. Following an overarching Study Theme, each lesson contains an expository treatment of the lesson’s passage, explaining Greek and Hebrew words, clarifying the Scripture, and applying its truth to life.

Organized and In-Depth Lessons

The Study Themes make it easy to find a topic you want to study with organized lessons. For example, one Study Theme is “He Said What? Hard Sayings of Jesus” and has seven sessions that explore topics like “Sell Everything You Own,” “Hate Your Family,” and “Exploit Your Friends.”

The introduction, applications, and questions provided will help you and those you teach to unpack and apply God’s truths. In Wordsearch 12, this series is Lessonmaker compatible, making it even easier to create your own sermons and lessons.

Learning from these lessons will help those your minister to see their lives transformed by the Word. All 78 volumes are on sale for a limited time. Learn more here.

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