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It can be easy to read the Bible cover to cover and ignore the thousands of names, places, routes, climate conditions, and references to plants, animals, and culture. While they might not seem relevant to us, every one of them was recorded for a reason, and understanding those reasons will unlock deep and rewarding spiritual knowledge. The Understanding the Bible Series helps unlock this knowledge.

Breakthrough Discoveries in Biblical Research

The Understanding the Bible Series was developed by Carta Jerusalem, a highly-respected academic publisher in Jerusalem, Israel. For the past 61 years, Carta Jerusalem has worked with the world’s top scholars, cartographers, and on-site archaeologists. Located in Jerusalem, the publishers have the unique advantage of being surrounded by biblical and historical significance on a daily basis.

Each of the 22 volumes included in this set explores a difference aspect of the historical background found in the Bible. You’ll find volumes covering Biblical Archaeology, Biblical Kingdoms & Empires, Great People of the Bible, the Gospels as Ancient Jewish Literature, the Geography of the Bible, the Ecology of the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and more. Each volume is filled with beautiful full color photography, helpful maps, and illustrations.

Take a look at some of what you’ll learn from these volumes:

  • How to connect the Early, Middle, and Late Bronze and Iron Ages with stories of the Bible
  • How other eastern cultures influenced the Holy Lands; this includes the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and ten nations of different racial and religious origins that lived in Canaan
  • How Jewish ceremonies are deeply rooted in the Bible. Includes: Circumcision, The Redemption of the Firstborn, Bar-Mitzvah, Marriage, Grace After Meals, and more
  • How living near the Sea of Galilee impacted Jesus and his ministry (includes an amazing detailing of the discovery, excavation, and preservation of a fishing boat from the time of Jesus, dug from the Sea of Galilee mud in 1986)
  • How Jesus understood the Holy Temple (includes information you’ll find nowhere else with lavishly illustrated photographs, charts, illustrations, and illustrated reconstructions by the famed archaeological architect, Leen Ritmeyer)

Add a New Dimension to Your Studies

In Wordsearch, Understanding the Bible includes many hyperlinked Bible references. This lets you have the referenced verse opened alongside the series, helping you visualize the story.

Understanding the Bible is a one-of-a-kind set that will bring the stories of the Bible to life. On sale until November 28. Learn more here.

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