Read More – Is Peter an “Ignorant Fisherman?”


Have you ever thought of Peter as an “ignorant fisherman?” If so, J. Vernon McGee would ask you to take a second look. “As we see in his first epistle, he deals with more doctrine in a brief letter [of 2 Peter] than any other New Testament writer. He takes up controversial matters and handles them in a masterful way.” 2 Peter is the apostle’s “swan song,” and his message is that you won’t be able to live for God unless you have a knowledge of the Word of God.

In McGee’s Thru the Bible series, he goes through each book of the Bible, giving an introduction and an outline before going into a commentary on each book. He’s known as one of the best modern-day commentators, interpreting in a to-the-point style. You can almost hear him speaking to you.

As a special treat, you can read the whole introduction and chapter 1 of the commentary on 2 Peter. We hope this will bless you in your ministry and knowledge of the apostle Peter and this epistle.

Read the Sample here.

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