Light the Way with Lamplighters

The Bible uses powerful questions to pique the reader’s interest, stimulate natural curiosity, and engage the believer’s mind and heart in spiritual discovery. The use of carefully-worded questions as an approach to teaching the Bible is an amazing (and often overlooked) means of communicating truth.

Powerful Questions and Insightful Answers

With the Lamplighters New Testament Series, you will have access to more than 2,400 thought-provoking questions and insightful answers on various books of the Bible. Imagine going beyond asking simple, boiler plate questions (“What is this Bible passage saying to you?” or “How can you apply this passage to your life?”) to ones that get to the heart of a Bible passage and cause lives to be changed for God’s glory.

Theological Accuracy

Each of the Lamplighters volumes has been carefully written by a seminary-trained pastor. The combination of theological training and pastoral experience provide you with Scriptural accuracy and practical insights that are unique to Lamplighters. Each volume is solidly Bible-based and Christ-centered. The studies are free of humanism, secular psychology, and scientific speculations that contradict God’s Word and address the so-called “difficult” passages of God’s Word, allowing you to create life-changing teaching and preaching moments.

Multiple Applications

You can use this series as a teacher or preacher to challenge your listeners with the truths from God’s Word, while also enhancing your personal Bible study.

The Lamplighters New Testament Series works extremely well for four specific applications:

  1. Personal study
  2. Leading small group Bible studies
  3. Christian education curriculum for senior high and adult Bible classes
  4. Teaching or sermon preparation

Learn more in the video below from author John A. Stewart.

The Lamplighters New Testament series is on sale for $69.95 until December 23. Learn more here.

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