Two Minutes a Day Biblical Language Series

“…with Jonathan Kline’s series, language learners can not only protect and sustain the knowledge they’ve acquired—they can build new skills. These expertly designed…books will help anyone who has taken an introductory biblical language course revive their reading ability, and the lessons can even function as daily devotional readings in the original language. ” –Brian R. Doak, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Faculty Fellow in the William Penn Honors Program, George Fox University

If you have studied a biblical language, you know that even after two or three semesters in the classroom it can be easy to soon forget most of what you learned, especially vocabulary. After entering the working world, most of us who studied these languages in seminary or college find it challenging to pay much attention to them, let alone achieve our primary goals of exegeting and meditating on God’s Word in the original languages.

The Two Minutes a Day Biblical Language Series has been specially designed to build on your previous study of Greek, Hebrew, and/or Aramaic and help you read a small amount of the Bible in its original languages every day in an easy, manageable, and spiritually enriching way.

Keep Up Your Biblical Languages in Just Two Minutes a Day

Each of the five volumes includes a two-minute lesson for each day of the year to encourage you to spend time in the languages on a regular basis. In Wordsearch, you can easily navigate to each day from the Table of Contents. The daily verse is also linked so you can quickly click and read the context in your favorite Bible translation if you have extra time that day.

The two Greek volumes include the 730 most frequently used words in Greek, the Aramaic volume includes 80% of the Aramaic verses found in the Bible, and the two Hebrew volumes also cover the 730 most frequently used words in Hebrew.

This format isn’t meant to make you follow a rigid schedule, but more to get you in the practice of using the languages every day. Here’s an example of part of what today’s lesson looks like in the first Greek volume.

Short but substantial, these lessons will provide you with enduring gains in your learning, no matter how much time you have.

You’ll be able to reconnect with these carefully selected verses that you can see are presented in a manner intended to facilitate rapid and enjoyable learning. With consistent daily use, you’ll be on your way to deeper knowledge of the Bible.

This set is on sale until February 6. Learn more here.

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