Catalina Update

In order to complete the necessary fixes for Wordsearch Bible to run on Mac OS Catalina, we have been working with a third-party company for over a year now to work towards a solution. As soon as Apple announced the intentions to move towards 64-bit requirements, Wordsearch began planning on how to resolve the issue. This third-party company specializes in converting Windows-based programs and retrofitting it to work in Mac environment.

Because of this we have been waiting since the launch of OS Catalina on a build to arrive that we could implement and release.

Just as of this week, we have finally received a test build from our third-party company and have now been able to turn over that code to our internal programming development team. Initial tests on the test build are very promising and we are hopeful for a near-term release. This being said, there are still a couple of hurdles to clear and work will continue on these hurdles throughout this upcoming weekend to ensure that we get the fix out for everyone as absolutely soon as possible.

Overall, this week has been a tremendously large step in the right direction to resolving this very unfortunate and very long delay. We greatly apologize for the massive inconvenience this has caused, and we will look forward to sharing a more exact release date with you very soon.

Please stay tuned to this page as we will continue to provide updates as they become available.


  1. Richard Shough says

    no updates since 1/24 — how close are you

  2. Almost five months without using my books. Are you planning to give mac users any compensation for this? I mean, saying: “don’t download Catalina update, wait for us,” sounds unprofessional, and it just shows that you guys are not prepared for giving this service. Trust is something difficult to rebuild. So dissapointed.

    • Definitely understand the frustration and disappointment David. And yes, we are planning on some kind of compensation. Thanks so much for your patience, and apologies again.

  3. just saw 17 Feb update and that’s great. I’ve been patiently waiting for a fix so that i can download and start using it. Also, wanted to suggest maybe pinning the update on the home page or at least at the front of the blog page. Its already on page 2 and then you have to click the link to get the in depth updates. Just dont want it to get lost or hard to find for now. Great breakthrough wish yall the best

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