Read Ancient Christian Thoughts in Modern Technology

Have you ever wondered how the ancient Christians interpreted Scripture and doctrines?

The leaders and writers within the early Christian church were known as the patristics or the early church fathers. The writings of these men are mostly in Greek and Latin, and they were central to the creation of Christian doctrine and the establishment of the Christian Church in the first five centuries. The purpose of exegesis in the patristic period was to humbly seek the revealed truth in the Scriptures, and these works have great value today for those who preach and teach.

Wordsearch has three sets of books, The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Ancient Christian Doctrines, and Ancient Christian Devotional that will help you get familiar with the early church fathers and their interpretations.

Why should you care? They contain ancient material that has been edited, translated, footnoted, and reorganized in a way that is fresh, usable, teachable, and preachable.

Plus, using the powerful searching and cross-referencing features of Wordsearch make these works even more useful.

For example, let’s say you are studying Genesis 1:1. If you want to see what your commentaries say about “creation”, all you have to do is type “creation” in the Search window, and narrow down which books you want it to search, including your Ancient books.

Using these results, you can compare what the early church fathers said against modern commentaries, seeing how they are the same or different. You also can see how thoughts might have shifted over time, or if people have interpreted this verse the same way for centuries.

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  1. It’s interesting that there are cross-referencing tools that can make finding scriptures easier. I want to find more religious texts online to help me through this horrible year. I’ll be sure to find some software that is easy to use online.

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