The Daily Devotional Bible Commentary

Originally published from 1967-1971, the Daily Devotional Bible Commentary was designed to encourage daily, deeper study of the Bible. This commentary will take you through the Bible chapter-by-chapter providing insights and informative commentary. 

Start Your Day with God’s Word

Covering the entire Bible, these four volumes include discussions of introductory textual and background material while still aiming at devotional warmth, sound exegesis, and relevance to daily life. 

The series provides for daily readings over a five-year cycle. Each volume also includes maps, illustrations, articles, and introductions. All authors are united within the circle of evangelical, conservative scholarship and are widely respected within the field. 

Create Sermons & Lessons

Perfect for use as a basis for group discussion in homes, colleges, and churches, the questions are placed at approximately weekly intervals for stimulating and refreshing study.

In Wordsearch, this series can provide a great jumping-off point to study thoroughly with the rest of your library while keeping you accountable to studying the Bible each day. 

This set is on sale for $39.95 until February 20. Wordsearch is the only Bible software that has the Daily Devotional Bible Commentary. Learn more here.

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