Cascade Companions

Cascade Companions take vast and complex theological scholarship and makes it accessible and compelling to anyone.

With these volumes, you’ll be introduced to the vital storehouse of authors, documents, themes, histories, arguments, and movements that comprise our Christian theological inheritance. 

Exegetical Scholarship on Books & Topics

10 of the volumes in this set include volumes on the books of Philemon, Job, 1 Peter, Deuteronomy, Jeremiah, 1 Corinthians, Acts, John, Paul, and Hebrews. The remaining five cover theological topics: Theology & Culture, Theological Interpretation of Scripture, The Rule of Faith, and Epistemology. 

Each Companion takes a careful and detailed theological exploration of the covered book or topic.

For example, the volume Forgiveness sets forgiveness in its ancient and biblical context, as well as drawing on contemporary debates among philosophers, psychological therapists, and international relations theorists. The author seeks to restore forgiveness to the center of Christian doctrine and practice and to defend its place in personal and public life. 

Perfect Companions to the Rest of Your Wordsearch Library

Written in a clear, accessible style, even the most difficult issues are clearly explained and their significance explored. In Wordsearch, you can read the Cascade Companions alongside your favorite Bible translation, using them like an in-depth commentary. The text will provide content for illuminated discussions on Scripture that can be used in a class or for creating a sermon.  

The Cascade Companions will help you understand important aspects of the Bible, the church, and where theological beliefs came from. 

Cascade Companions are on sale until February 27. Learn more here.

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