Explore the Bible Commentary

The Explore the Bible commentary series takes you deep into the context of God’s Word. Published quarterly by Lifeway each year, the content in this commentary will challenge you to live out God’s Word in your daily life.

The Explore the Bible Bundle in Wordsearch includes 66 commentary volumes from the years 2002-2019. This provides you with 17 years’ worth of commentary all in one searchable place.

Grow in God’s Word

Perfect for creating sermons and lessons, these trustworthy commentaries were designed by a team of pastors, small group leaders, scholars, editors, and writers. Practical enough for daily application, Explore the Bible will give you the tools you need to consistently guide people through God’s Word.

Each commentary volume includes sessions that you can use to take your church through a weekly sermon series or study. The commentaries cover the biblical context and historical background of study passages in great depth, exploring the meaning of words, phrases, and concepts in the biblical languages.

Encounter God’s Word everyday with Explore the Bible. You’ll grow in God’s Word one book at a time, and learn how to know, love, and invest in God’s truth.

This set is on sale until March 2. Learn more here.

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