The LifeChange Series

The LifeChange Series is a fun and engaging way to study the Bible alone or with a group of any size. With this series, lives will change as people draw closer to Christ.

Over 450 lessons contain enough material for a 60-90 minute study, plus plenty more for when you choose to dig even deeper.

Here’s What Makes the LifeChange Series So Valuable:

Each lesson in the LifeChange Series directs a laser-like focus on the specific passage of Scripture you choose. Each Bible book begins with an overview to give you a feel for the time and setting. Following this is a thorough discussion of the Bible text that is packed with relevant questions that challenge you to dig deeper and uncover biblical truths. You’ll also find a section called Sidebars with more detailed discussion questions that take you even further into the Bible text.

Each lesson contains a For the Group section filled with advice and activities for using this lesson within a group setting. You’ll discover practical applications for applying these lessons to your personal life.
Plus, this series includes maps that illustrate areas of discussion. Wordsearch makes it easy for you to print these maps, questions, and lessons to use as handouts. The aim of each lesson is transformation into the image of Christ.

Topical Hyperlinks Take You Anywhere in Your Digital Library

Each lesson displays a list of hyperlinked topical references. Whatever topic you find in Bible study, you’ll discover that topic always has a few related references that can be further pursued in other passages and study tools.

For example, you might be studying John 6 where Jesus talks about being the “Bread of Life.” Your list of topical links will display “Bread of Life,” “True Bread,” “Miraculous Signs,” and a dozen other related topics. Click on any of these links and Wordsearch will search your digital library and show you all the other books you own that have something to say about this topic. It’s an easy way to deepen your studies.

The LifeChange Series Is Lessonmaker Compatible in Wordsearch 11 & 12!

Lessonmaker makes any lesson even more powerful because of the access to additional discussion questions and material found in your digital library.

With the 16 new volumes, the LifeChange Series now includes lessons on the entire Bible. This series is on sale until March 9. Learn more here.

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