The Great Preaching On…Series

The Great Preaching On…Series includes sermons from prominent preachers of the past. Published by Sword of the Lord, whose emphasis is revival and soul-winning, this series will help you share the Word of God effectively. You’ll be inspired by preachers like Moody, Spurgeon, Talmage, and Torrey, all divided by topic for your convenience.

Sermons on 18 Different Topics – All In One Place

This set includes 18 volumes that each cover a different topic. Each topic includes sermons from different preachers. The sermons start with a biography of the specific preacher so you can get to know their background and history.

Reading these sermons in Wordsearch will you provide you with ideas for many sermons that are sure to speak to your congregation. Even if you don’t preach, you can learn from the words of these great preachers.

This set is on sale until March 16. Learn more here.

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