Award Winning Sermons

From the years 1976-1979, the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention created the Award Winning Sermon project.

The goal of this project was to locate and recognize Southern Baptist preachers who communicated the gospel effectively, both in the pulpit and through the printed page. Preachers were invited to send one or more of their own sermons, or to recommend, with permission, the sermon of another in one or more of five different categories.

From the thousands of sermons submitted from across the country, the 60 deemed best by the Board were collected and published into these four volumes.

Outstanding Sermons

Each volume in this series includes the selected 15 best sermons of that year. They were chosen based on content, clarity, freshness, and application. You can trust that these sermons are theologically sound and proclaim the positive truth of the saving grace of God in Christ.

The sermons in the Award Winning Sermon Series cover relatable topics like Family Life, Evangelism, Outreach, Missions, Discipleship, Doctrine, Christian Growth, Christian Ethics, and more.

See Different Forms of Effective Preaching
Some of the sermons follow the traditional homiletic style, while others are in the form of a dramatic monologue or personal experience. This shows how effective preaching can be done in many ways.

In Wordsearch, these hard-to-find sermons will inspire you in your sermon creation and study. Designed to encourage pastors to evaluate and improve their preaching week by week, the Award Winning Sermon Series will provide you with valuable, outstanding content.

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