Major Mac Catalina OS Update

As you are aware, the Wordsearch desktop application has not been available on the Mac Catalina OS. We have been working tirelessly to provide a solution, but we know that this situation has caused tremendous inconvenience and frustration. We wanted to apologize once again for the trouble this has caused.

To keep you updated where we are in the process, we wanted to let you know that we have some good news. We have come up with a solution that will launch early next week and wanted to show you a preview of what you can expect.

To start with, this is not our permanent solution for Catalina, but we wanted you to have access to your program and library as soon as possible.
The Wordsearch 12 AppStream gives you access to the full Wordsearch 12 program as well as your library.

As long as you have the Internet, you can connect to the Wordsearch desktop experience. (Please note this is the full program and different from our site.)

Here is what the Wordsearch 12 AppStream looks like:

Other Notes: 

  • This is only for Mac users, and we are asking that you would provide a quick verification of your Mac computer (more information coming on this next week.)
  • If on Mojave OS or prior, you can upgrade to Catalina once this is available, but please note that there is no offline capabilities within the AppStream. If you prefer to stay on Mojave OS or prior to maintain your offline access, we understand and will continue to work towards providing the offline solution soon.  
  • With that said, there are no offline capabilities with the Wordsearch 12 Appstream. As a reminder, this is not our final solution for Mac users.
  • The Chrome browser and Firefox browser are recommended for best use. Safari will work, but you will have a better experience with Chrome or Firefox.
  • We will send an email again to everyone with the exact instructions on how to connect.
  • This is completely free for current Wordsearch users, even if you currently have an older version of Wordsearch.

Thank you again for your patience. We will email again with the exact instructions on how to connect early next week, along with more information.


  1. Robert C Archer says

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but I hope you are working on a real Mac program like Logos or eSword. I think that most of us would pay extra for it. And it would be good if you would add Zipscript to the program. Mac users have suffer too long with the ported over program.

    • kcornett says

      Hi Robert, this situation has proved that we can’t continue to service our Mac customers with a non-native Mac program. We can’t provide any specifics at this time, but we are reviewing our roadmap so we can work to avoid this situation from ever occurring again.

  2. Richard Blount says

    Bad News for us who have been waiting months and have much money invested in Word Search software.

    • kcornett says

      Hi Richard, try it out and see what you think. It is the full desktop program, and just a temporary fix.

      • David Sulcer says

        I have tried it out. SADLY it is a really BAD short-term fix. I am praying you find a Mac solution, not a fix, since we have gobs of money invested in this software. I prefer this over Logos but have had to default to Logos sense I have owned a Mac. You have better sales for one thing. BUT I will not buy another piece for my library until you fix this problem for good. I would worry that I would have wasted my investment if it never gets resolved.

  3. Richard Blount says

    Fortunately, I haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet. So I’ll wait in hopes you can figure out the stand alone version without internet. Then I’ll upgrade. Keep trying.

  4. WMS PARIAT says

    I have purposely not yet upgraded to Catalina because WordSearch was not yet compatible. If offline option is stll not available, I would prefer to continue with the present configuration till such time that a full regular version of WordSearch is available , which would work both onlline and offline .

    • Navy Chaps says

      I am doing the same as well, sticking to the old OS. Trying to be very patient with the WordSearch developers, but this is taking a long time. Thank you for the temporary fix, but if we upgrade to the new OS, losing our off-line access is a little risky. How long will it be for a more pernament solution?

      • Hi there, still no specific date. We will be posting updates as soon as we have them. Thanks for your patience!

  5. Michael Jackson says

    I have better than 5000 books in my WS library. That is a pretty hefty investment. Logos is not an option for me. In spite of having lots of money in that software, I quit using it years ago. It simply was no match for WORDSearch. Now I am in a real fix. I can’t afford to go back to Logos and I can’t wait indefinitely for WS to get this figured out. I have stayed with Mojave but eventually I will have to upgrade to Catalina … or maybe the next IOS — depending on WS.
    I just wish you had an end date in view. And I mean, an end date for a permanent solution, not just a temporary fix.
    I love WS. I feel bad for what you are going through.

  6. Here my only thing apple is always updating their programs. What’s going to happen if they do another update and WordSearch haven’t fix the Catalina issue? Will we have to wait another two years????

  7. Scottie Wayne Fulcher says

    So as I read this answer you gave on April 3.
    I have been a very patient loyal costumer for over 20 years and this is where I find you as a company? We just can’t continue to provide service to people that have computer programs you don’t want to work with?

    kcornett says
    April 3, 2020 at 4:49 pm
    Hi Robert, this situation has proved that we can’t continue to service our Mac customers with a non-native Mac program. We can’t provide any specifics at this time, but we are reviewing our roadmap so we can work to avoid this situation from ever occurring again

    • kcornett says

      Hi Scottie, the message on April 3 was more saying we need to update our Mac technology so this doesn’t happen again. This has been a frustrating and disappointing situation for us as well. We are still working with our third party company to get the offline version ready as soon as we can. Thank you so much for being a long time customer, and apologies again.

  8. Michael Jackson says

    I sense your frustration. I am frustrated too. Part of this angsts is due to any real communication from you (WordSearch) to us (your customers). The only thing we hear are your comments to our comments. I suggest that you give us a weekly update on how things are going. I suggest you also answer the following questions:
    Is it time to replace your third party? They are obviously a big part of the problem.
    We want a date when the fix will be finished. When?
    Should we be looking elsewhere for a Bible software provider? I have to think that WordSearch is currently taking a beating from your Mac customers. Is WordSearch going to survive this crisis?
    If you are bought out or taken over, is it possible that we can keep our WordSearch material?
    Finally, how was this able to happen?

  9. Rick Lucian says

    is there a time frame for a Mac version of the software?

  10. Joseph Brooks says

    I have stopped purchasing material until this is resolved just in case I need to switch to one of your competitors. There has been a substantial investment in Wordsearch materials and books.

    • Robert Clair says

      Maybe you can find a measure of peace in knowing your frustration has convinced this mac user from going anywhere near wordsearch, Sadly, it looks like a fantastic download, unless your an apple owner. Best wishes, I’ll be routing for you.

  11. May 14 down to 2 bugs. It’s now June 22. Those must be big bugs. I did live in South Texas for 4 years while in the USAF. They have big bugs there. Please kill the bugs. I can’t buy any more products from you until my Mac works with WS. Please – I love your product.

  12. The Rev. Chip Elliott says

    Any word yet? It is now July, and most of us have been waiting patiently, not only for the Lord but for a version that will work on our Mac’s. I just read that Apple is going to be coming out with a newer OS pretty soon. Will we have to go through this again?

    • kcornett says

      Significant progress has been made. We are currently planning on releasing an offline version of Wordsearch 12 for Catalina sometime next week. More details will be posted soon.

  13. Ray Hughes says

    Recently converted from Windows 10 to iOS. Please include me on MAC software updates.

  14. Wanda M Patterson says

    I have been waiting all year after purchasing this costly thumb drive and nothing yet. Please update!

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